How Listening Through One Earbud Keeps You Safe

With a slew of music streaming services to choose from today, everyone seems to have their iPhone or Android with them everywhere they go, rocking out with one earbud even in the least headphone-friendly situations. Many outdoor enthusiasts these days like to listen to music with one earbud while cycling, running, or even snowboarding, leaving the other bud dangling in order to maintain awareness of their immediate surroundings.

Not just for outdoor enthusiasts

In addition to outdoor enthusiasts, single-bud earphones are also incredibly useful for anyone who works in an office setting. Whether you’re taking hands-free calls or keeping one ear open for the boss and co-workers, single earphones are excellent for staying alert at the workplace.

The bottom line here is that the demand for single-bud earphones is far greater than you think. Until Far End Gear moved mountains in the audio experience with their innovative XDU Single Earphone, all of the “single-bud” listeners out there have had to sacrifice that rich stereo sound for some much needed peace of mind while working or exercising. Using only one earbud on a standard set of earphones forces listeners to choose between either bass or treble in their listening experience. However, the XDU Single Earphone combines both bass and treble in one earphone, for both superior sound quality and awareness.

Why XDU Single Earphone?

The XDU Single Earphone amplifies both channels of sound through a single earbud, so you can fully enjoy your favorite hits, podcasts, and take hands-free calls while staying aware of your surroundings. The XDU Single Earphone is perfect for staying safe in all types of sports, including BMX, snowboarding, and skateboarding. It’s especially useful for those who like to exercise outdoors, as well as anyone who listens to music at the workplace.  There’s just no limit to the places where the XDU Single Earphone can keep you safe.